1. The school strives to make quality education available to the masses and not just to the few privileged ones. Our fees are fixed with this in mind.
2. Ambassadors College is a co-educational school.

The school curriculum includes subjects that are taught in both the Junior and Senior Secondary Classes. The student’s performance is evaluated in each term in a session or school academic year.
In the Junior Secondary, the following subjects are offered
1. English Studies (English Language and Literature)
2. Mathematics
3. Basic Science
4. Social Studies
5. Computer Studies
6. Basic Technology
7. Practical Agriculture
8. French Language
9. Home-Economics
10. Business Studies
11. Christian Religious Studies
12. Yoruba Language
13. Fine Art

In the Senior Secondary School, the following subjects are offered:
1.English Language
6.Literature in English
8.Agricultural Science
9.Christian Religious Studies
11.Further Mathematics
13.Data Processing
14.French Language

15.Book Keeping
16.Yoruba Language

The school has its customized notebooks. Therefore, all students are expected to buy their notebooks for lessons from the school. No Other notebook from any other source will be accommodated.
Parents are expected to collect the list of books from the school secretary for purchase of the necessary textbooks for their wards. It is expedient for every student to have the necessary textbooks. Any student without the necessary textbooks and materials will be sent home and will not be allowed to stay in the school until such materials are purchased.

Ambassadors College is a Christian school, and so it is operated on Christian principles of love, faith, fairness, honesty and holiness. We also strive to inculcate Christian virtues and disciplines in our students. It is compulsory for all students to participate in all religious and spiritual activities of the school.
Clubs or associations of other religious affiliations are not allowed within the school. However, the school allows everyone to practice his/her faith outside the school premises.

i. Ambassadors the noble school,
Ambassadors the precious school,
School founded upon the Solid Rock,
Jesus Christ is our Corner Stone,
We keep the torch of knowledge,
Fueled by the power of Almighty God,
Forward ever backward never in Jesus name,
Up Ambassadors.

ii.In diligence we press forward,
To get the knowledge that sets one free,
For knowledge that emancipates,
We are bound to succeed in life,
The crown of success we shall wear,
As good ambassadors to the world,
Forward ever backward never in Jesus name,
Up Ambassadors

iii. Ambassadors the noble school,
Ambassadors the precious school,
May you continue to prosper,
And see your children flourish,
Blessed be the virtue you stand for,
“Pursuit of excellence”,
Forward ever backward never in Jesus name,
Up Ambassadors.

iv Oh Lord God bless our noble school,
To excel in our goals in life,
Endue us with knowledge and wisdom,
The Trinity, guide our feet aright,
We cherish the virtue you stand for,
As good ambassadors to the whole world,
Forward ever backward never in Jesus name,
Up Ambassadors.

Fees for each term are payable on or before the first day of resumption. Fresh students will not be registered in the school until they have balanced their fees. The details of the school bankers and the amount for the fees can be obtained from the school Secretary or Bursar’s Office. All payments should be made to the banks. Customized Tellers are available in the school.

The school uniform for female J.S.S students is white blouse with maroon (wine) pinafore. For SSS female students, it is white blouse on maroon skirt. The blouse is taped with maroon at the collar and sleeves.

For male students, the uniform is white shirt taped with maroon on the sleeves and maroon trousers. While JSS students wear maroon bow tie, SSS students wear maroon long tie.

The students are expected to put on brown cortinals or white canvas with white socks as foot wears. Any student who wishes to obtain pullover may inform the Principal. Other pullovers may be used provided they consist of the official colours of the school, that is, maroon and white. Pullover of any other colours will be seized.

School uniform must be purchased in the school.

The school opens from 7.30am each day for normal school work with short break between 11:00am and 11:15am and long break from 1:15pm to 2 :00pm.
Provisions for lunch are available for interested day students at a reasonable cost. Parents are however free to make alternative lunch arrangements for their wards The school observes all statutory public holidays. The three end of term holidays are also observed. During the long vacation, coaching classes are held for six weeks.

The following rules and regulations apply to all students:
1. Students are expected to come early to school and be at the assembly by 7:30a.m.
2. They are to be ready for inspection of nails teeth hair uniform shoes etc as at when required
3. All students to obey all lawful instructions from the Principal, Vice Principal and all members of staff of the school
4. All students are obliged to obey and cooperate with their officers such as prefects and class representatives.
5. Hair must be cut and kept tidy. Girls must cut their hair or adopt the hairstyle
6. English speaking is compulsory. Students are expected to express themselves in simple and correct spoken English whenever they are wearing theschool uniform.
French or Yoruba can only be spoken during French or Yoruba lessons respectively
7. Students must not litter the school compound. They should always use the bins provided for waste disposal.
8. Classrooms, laboratories, library, dining hall and toilets should always be kept tidy.
9. Students are expected to appear in neat and approved school uniforms. Students must not wear slippers to school. Male students should tuck in and button up their shirts.
10. Female students should not make use of cosmetics
11. Students should not smoke tobacco or hemp, drink alcohol or use hard drugs
12. Students are expected to join any of the approved school clubs or societies.
13. No student may belong to any secret society or cult.
14. Long absence from school without notice and permission may lead to forced withdrawal.
15. Students’ complaints should be channeled to the principal through agents appropriate for cases in question. The class captains, school prefects, class master/mistress and the vice-principal will always assist in this regard
16. It is a serious offence for a student to organize, lead or take part in a riot or any form of thuggery.
17. Students who destroy or damage any school property will pay for it. When the offender cannot be identified, the whole class where the damage occur will be held responsible.
18. Any student found guilty of stealing in the school will suffer public disgrace on the school assembly. In addition, he/she will be made to return whatever he/she has stolen.
19. All students must respond to the school bell promptly. Students must move very briskly or even run to the assembly when the bell for the assembly rings.
20. Cowboy jackets and all other forms of unauthorized dresses are prohibited.
21. No trinkets are allowed in school. However, female students are allowed to wear small earrings. No other form of ornaments like bangles, rings, necklaces etc is allowed.
22. The official time for long break from Monday to Thursday is 1:15pm to 2:00pm. Any purchase made outside this period must be by permission.
23. Fighting is a serious offence, which may lead to suspension.
24. Cheating in examinations and tests is strictly prohibited.
25. Students must obtain receipts for school fees from the school bursar, keep the receipts carefully, and be able to produce such receipts on demand.
26. Students should urinate at the approved toilets only
27. Students must come to school with recommended textbooks and stationery.
28. Students should promptly carry out all assignments given to them by the teachers.
29. Eating in the classroom during lessons is not permitted
30. Students must attend all lessons in their subject area and all co-curricular activities punctually and regularly.
31. No student should have a boyfriend or girlfriend in the school; no student should write love letter(s) to any other student in the school, and no student should engage student in any immoral relationship in the school.
32. Each student is expected to have a decent school bag, one padlock with the key for school desk, a cutlass, a broom and a hoe. These will be inspected on the day of resumption.
33. The use of cell phone is prohibited on the school premises
34. No student is expected to chew gums in the school premises

Flouting of the school rules and regulations attracts punishments. Prefects are authorized to give light punishment to latecomers and noisemakers. They could also be asked to supervise punishment that is given by class teachers or by the Vice-Principal. Such punishments include watering of flowers, picking up of pieces of papers, cleaning and dusting of classrooms and offices and cutting of grass around the school compound.

The following offences could lead to suspension or expulsion from the school;
1. Cheating in any examination whether internal or external.
2. The possession of offensive weapons that could be used to harm teachers or fellow students
3. Belonging to a secret cult
4. Assaulting or harassment of the Principal, Vice Principal or any member of staff; causing bodily harm to a fellow student
5. Stealing
6. Immoral relationship
7. Engaging in illicit affairs with the opposite sex
8. Possession of cell phone during the school period

The school does not encourage students to receive visitors during lesson. However, all visitors are requested to report at the Principal’s office at the first instance. The visiting day for boarders is the second Saturday of every month between 10.00am and 4.00pm . Only the parents/guardians recognized by the school may be allowed to visit the students during the school hours.