i. To provide qualitative, moral and academic education of a world class standard at a cost that is affordable to the people of lower and middle socio-economic class.
ii. To bring up students that will love, serve the nation and God.
iii. To produce highly motivated, morally upright and highly performing students who will be able to join the body of people that provides effective leadership at national and international levels in the areas of science, technology, commerce, politics, education, religion and culture.

1. The school strives to make quality education available to the masses and not just to the few privileged ones. Our fees are fixed with this in mind.
2. Ambassadors College is a co-educational school.

Ambassadors College is a Christian school, and so, it is operated on Christian principles of love, faith, fairness, honesty and holiness. We also strive to inculcate Christian virtues and disciplines in our students. It is compulsory for all students to participate in all religious and spiritual activities of the school.
Clubs or associations of other religious affiliations are not allowed within the school. However, the school allows everyone to practice his/her faith outside the school premises.